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9 proven steps is all you need to build a better business & enjoy a better life. Escape the feeling of overwhelm & get back control of your business to enjoy life as a true business owner.

Pam Featherstone

Pam Featherstone

The Profit Coach - I guide property industry business owners with 10+ team to grow their profit predictably and consistently by 320% within 12 months, without increasing ad spend, using the P.R.O.F.I.T. system, whilst reducing the 'daily grind' by 10 hours a week within 1 month.

The 9-Step Predictable Profit Roadmap

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9 Proven Steps To Turn Your Business From A Cash Eating Monster Into A Money Making Machine That Runs Itself (75min Practical Training)

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Feel Trapped By Your Property Business?


by the daily grind of never being able to switch off


about cashflow, paying the bills or making enough sales


when your staff don't think for themselves or make daft mistakes


Build A Better Business

When you work with Pam as your Licensed Business Coach you get a proven system that gives you

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The fastest path to making more money that you can use to grow the property business & live a more fun life.

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Marketing That


Win more high paying clients using a proven marketing plan & conversion rate optimisation

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A Team That


Plug in the systems that enable your team to innovate and grow the property business on your behalf.

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Identify the simple changes that will result in more revenue without any extra work or expense.

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More Free


Master a specific system that will enable you to get far more done in less time every single day.

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Discover how to delegate roles and responsibilities so that the property business runs smoothly without you.


Knowing What To Focus On Is Key

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Clarify Vision

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there or be able to communicate to your team so they can help you. Getting clarity on where you are going means you can then efficiently put the right things in place to have the amazing business & lifestyle you deserve.

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Control Velocity

If you don’t have control you’ll spend your time crashing from one cash flow disaster or operational disaster to another, trapped in a business you can never escape. Having the right systems in place means you can deliver consistently and gain a predictable income.

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Create Value

Without clear financials & a team you trust to grow (not just maintain) the business without you the business will stagnate. You’ll never be able to sell it for a handsome profit or if you prefer you can stay and work on it because it’s your choice, not because you have to!

If you are missing just one of these pillars you are not building a sustainable business. Learn more in our workshop


How Do You Rapidly Increase Your Profit?

Number 1

Watch The Workshop + Book A Call

Watch the training & then book a call in with myself or my team to get all your questions answered.

Number 2

Implement The Proven PROFIT System

Regain control of your Business & drive the growth by focusing on the bottlenecks and quick wins.

Number 3

Build A Better Business & Life You Love

Transform your Business into a highly profitable Property Business you can grow, sell or step back from with less day to day involvement.


The PROFIT System Gets You Results Because...

The PROFIT System

The process is PROVEN

Everything in the PROFIT System has been used to grow thousands of businesses around the world & combined with .

The framework is SIMPLE

With the guidance of your coach, the PROFIT System makes it easy to get amazing results in your Property Business.

The brand is TRUSTED

When people see the PROFIT System or talk to the certified coaches, they know the process will work.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I'm Pam

The Profit Coach - I guide property industry business owners with 10+ team to grow their profit predictably and consistently by 320% within 12 months, without increasing ad spend, using the P.R.O.F.I.T. system, whilst reducing the 'daily grind' by 10 hours a week within 1 month.

As an accredited ProfitCoach, specialises in helping Property Business Owners find the hidden profits and untapped opportunities in their organisations, put the best systems and processes in place to ensure everything runs smoothly, and create a long-term strategy that builds a robust company and secure future.

To find out more, watch the workshop and if you'd like to see how to apply the strategies to your business book a roadmap call. I'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Pam Featherstone

Happy and relaxed business owners


We Believe Business Should Be Fun

At Profit Coach, we know you're the kind of Property Business Owner who wants to enjoy running a highly profitable Property Business that is easy to run.

But the problem is, no matter how hard you work or

successful you are, business is never smooth. Staff can't

seem to make a decision without your help, clients demand

your time, suppliers are desperate to speak to you and

every single problem seems to lands on your lap.

Leading you to feel like the biggest bottleneck in the business. Always working. Or worrying about work.

And feeling highly frustrated because you can't get on top of your to-do list, let alone do the stuff that will grow the business or bring it under control.

We believe this is wrong...

Because it's this constant pressure and worry that leads to broken relationships, children growing up not knowing who their parents are and good friendships fizzling out. Worst of all, it risks the Property Business Owner losing everything through burnout and ill health.

And what's the point of spending your life building a successful Business if you can't enjoy the results with your loved ones.

That is why our mission to ensure Property Business Owner have the tools they need to transform their companies into smooth-running and highly profitable organisations that work without them using the PROFIT System.

Here's how it works

The first step is to watch the workshop and then book in a call withPam. Pam will ask a few questions about your situation and the problems you are experiencing.

After that you can ask any questions you have about how the PROFIT System can help your Business. At the end of the call, if you both feel you are a good fit, Pam they can share how you could work together to implement the Profit system that gets you the Business you want.

So, click the button on this page to watch the workshop and then book a call to end the cycle of being trapped in a Business that takes all your time and energy.

Because we don’t want you looking back in a few years, thinking that was a waste.

Watch the workshop and book a call with Pam right now so we can change things for the better.

Speak soon...


The 9 Step Roadmap To Increase Profits By 195% In 6 Weeks

I Will Show You Step-By-Step EXACTLY How You Can Drive More Revenue & Profit In Your Business...FAST!

The 9-Step Predictable Profit Roadmap


Still Have A Question?

How do I know if coaching is right for me?

Coaching isn't for everyone. People who have a closed mind to trying new things or always know-best, no matter the situation do not make good candidates for coaching. In order to get the best results, you need to have an open mind and actively be looking for better ways of doing things.

What does business coaching consist of?

We will meet up twice a month for ninety minutes over a zoom call (or in person). The exact agenda for each session will depend on your objectives. However, we always look at what’s happening in your business so that we can deal with, discard or delegate any urgent problems that are causing you stress or upsetting your team. Then the rest of the session will focus on the important strategies needed to stabilise and grow your business.

Will you tell me what to do in my business?

No, business coaching is not about bossing you about or telling you what to do. A good coach is there to help make the difficult decisions that keep you awake at night, find the short-term opportunities that will bring in the cash and pick the right long-term strategies that will build your business. You will always be in control of the direction of your business and what you or your team need to do.

How fast will I get a return?

Whilst no guarantee can be made about your specific business, most people get a good return on their investment within the first couple of months - both financially and emotionally.

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Use a proven 9 Step system to turn overwhelm & overwork into a business that is a money making machine that runs itself.





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